Garrison, on the Sabbath

Writing, July 30, 1836, to the New England Spectator, Garrison complains that he has been misrepresented as being “against the Sabbath”.     Here are some of his words in that letter.   “The Christian Sabbath is not one of time; it is not dependent upon the recurrence of one day in seven; it sanctifies every moment, and, being wholly spiritual, comes not by observation.  Is it not our daily prayer? …. Am I opposed to the religious observance and bodily rest of one day in seven?  No  — But provided it be voluntary. But when men attempt to make this strict outward observance a test of Christian character, and to decide for me how far I may walk or ride on that day, and to  brand innocent and useful acts as damning crimes, I must resist the attempt as pernicious and unauthorized by the gospel of Christ ….”  (Source: readinggarrisonsletters)

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