Garrison responds to news of proposed Amendment re. slavery

The February 10, 1865 Liberator, pg 2  carries  this news:   FREEDOM TRIUMPHANT !  GRAND JUBILEE MEETING!,  in the Music Hall, To Rejoice over the Amendment prohibiting Human Slavery.   (Recorded here are some of Garrison’s words at the meeting.)   “I feel tonight in a thoroughly methodistical state of  mind  — disposed at the top of my voice, and to utmost stretch of my lungs, to shout Glory!  Alleluia!  Amen! (Rapturous applause  — Glory  Alleluia) … The Lord hath done great things for us, whereof we are glad…. Mr. Chairman, friends and strangers stop me in the streets, daily, to congratulate me on having been permitted to live to witness the almost miraculous change which has taken place in the feelings and sentiments of the people on the subject o slavery, and in favor of the long rejected but ever just and humane doctrine of immediate and universal emancipation … not many living better understands or more joyfully recognizes the vastness of that change than I do.  …But most truly can I say that it causes within me no feeling of personal pride or exultation  — God forbid! … But I am unspeakably happy to believe, not only that this vast assembly, but that the great mass of my countrymen are now, heartily disposed to admit that, in disinterestedly seeking, by all righteous instrumentalities, for more than thirty years, the utter abolition of slavery, I have not acted the part of a madman, fanatic, incendiary, or traitor  (immense applause) but have at all times been of sound mind, (laughter and cheers), a true friend of liberty and humanity, animated by the highest patriotism, and devoted to the welfare, peace, unity, and ever increasing prosperity and glory of my native land!  You will, I venture to think and say, agree with me, that only RADICAL ABOLITIONISM , is, at this trial-hour,  LOYALTY, JUSTICE , IMPARTIAL FREEDOM, NATIONAL SALVATION — the Golden Rule blended  with the Declaration of Independence  (Great applause)   … Thanks unto  God, that day is here and now!  Freedom is triumphant!    THE PEOPLE  have decreed  the death of slavery!   … Pardon me for  reminding you of  the old pro-slavery guaranties  contained in the Constitution, all of which the present amendment obliterates at a blow…..”

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