Garrison’s Illness, cancellation of tour dates


A god deal of alarm was caused to the personal and Anti-Slavery friends of Mr. Garrison by a paragraph in the morning papers of Wednesday, taken from a Cleveland paper, stating that Mr. Garrison was detained at that place, by a bilious fever, that he was ‘quite low,’ and that visitors were prohibited from calling on him.  We are happy to say, however, that we have before us a letter written by Mr. Garrison’s own hand, in which he announces the fact of his illness, which had been severe enough to justify the printed statement, and also  that of his convalescence.  He is in the best of hands, and received ever possible attention.   His letter is dated on the 18th (last Saturday), and expresses his expectation of being able to begin his journey homewards in the course of another week.  His New York engagements, of course, cannot be fulfilled.  Mr. Douglass we presume will attend the meetings advertised, and explain the unfortunate cause of Mr. Garrison‘s absence. —   Q

                                                                 (Liberator, Sept 24, 1847, pg.2)