Garrison’s word to his son, George, after enlistment

After his first son, George Thompson Garrison, enlisted in the 55th Mass Regiment,  Garrison writes to him:    I have nothing but praise to give you that you have been faithful to your highest convictions, and taking your life in your hands, are willing to lay it down, even like the brave Col. Shaw and his associates, if need be, in the cause of freedom, and for the suppression of slavery and the rebellion.  True, I could have wished you could ascend to what I believe a higher plane of moral heroism and a nobler method of self-sacrifice; but as you are true to yourself, I am glad of your fidelity, and proud of your willingness to run any risk in a cause that is undeniably just and good.  I have no fear  that you be found wanting at any time in the trial-hour, or in the discharge of your official duties.”

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