Gathering of People of Color,Boston

“Hear!  Hear!  Hear!  Great gathering of the People of Color!  A highly important meeting will be held in the Baptist meeting house, Belknap Sttreet, on Thursday evening the 20th inst … The true friends of libertyand of the colored man , most respectfully requested to be present.  Many important subjects will be presented, to elicit the attention of the lovers of freedom … among which will be the call of a National Convention among free people of color … Some things will also be said of the man whose head is worth five thousand dollars to the Senate of Georgia …..Come, then, one and all, both small and great ….”  Signed by John T. Hilton, Thomas Cole, George Washington, Coffin Pitts, Benjamin P. Bassett, William Duncan,  William Cooper Nell, Lunsford Lane, and Benjamin Weeden.   (Liberator, July 14, 1843, pg 3 )

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