Grace in Southern Theology

October 19, 1849

From the Dover Morning Star, an article title, Evidence of Grace – Southern Theology tells of the visit of Rev. Dr. Bullard, of St. Louis, who spoke to theological students at Andover.  “….he spoke of the State of Missouri as a promising and important field for missionary labor, and urged some of those candidates for the ministry to enter it. But he added that none should think of entering that field until they were sure they had grace enough in their hearts to keep them entirely silent on the subject of slavery. When he first went there he found it almost impossible to restrain his indignant feelings as he saw the workings of the system, but had now gained grace to enable him to maintain a submissive silence.”  ……The article’s final comment:  “…the time cometh when such appeals will be answered by a burst of indignation, and the marching of a phalanx of Christian teachers to the land of despotism, whose tongues the grace of God shall set on fire with words that will melt off every fetter, and consume every tyrannic lash.”

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