Henry Highland Garnet, by Douglass

August 10, 1849

This is a selection from the North Star, written by Douglass. He indicates that Garnet is on his way to England…”the particular object of his mission to that country is not known  ..”  The article praises Garnet’s ability as a speaker, and assures that he will have a warm welcome in England, where “he will find to his entire satisfaction, that color is no crime”. Then Douglass expresses his opposition to some of what Garnet stands for:  ” Mr. Garnet has again and again declared that he had no faith in moral means for the overthrow of American Slavery: — that his hope for success was in the sword…..His feelings towards us, so far as we have been able to learn them are those of bitter hostility. His course here has been than of an enemy, and we have no reason to believe that his course abroad will be that of a friend. We now take leave of Mr. Garnet, having honestly given our opinion of him.  He is at full liberty to slander and misrepresent us in England, or elsewhere, as he has done most liberally in various parts of the United States.  We prefer an open enemy, to one in disguise ….”

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