February 7, 1851

Song sung by all at the twentieth anniversary Soiree:
 By Wm. Lloyd Garrison
 Air – Auld Lang Syne

I am an Abolitionist
  I glory in the name;
Though now by Slavery’s minions hissed,
  And covered o’er with shame:
It is a spell of light and power –
  The watchword of the free;
Who spurns it in the trial-hour,
   A craven soul is he!

I am an Abolitionist!
  Then urge me not to pause;
For joyfully do I enlist
  In freedom’s sacred cause:
A nobler strife the world ne’er saw,
  The enslaved to disenthral;
I am a soldier for the war,
   Whatever may befall!

I am an Abolitionist!
  Oppression’s deadly foe;
In God’s great strength will I resist,
  And lay the monster low;
In God’s great name do I demand,
  To all be freedom given,
That peace and joy may fill the land,
   And songs go up to heaven!
I am an Abolitionist!
  No threats shall awe my soul,
No perils cause me to desist,
  No bribes my acts control;
A freeman will I live and die,
  In sunshine and in shade,
And raise my voice for liberty,
  Of naught on earth afraid.

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