J. G. Whittier


The poetry which comes from J.G. Whittier seldom fails to be spirited, high-wrought and elegantly finished.  His rank among the most gifted American Poets of the day,  is by no means an unenviable one.  And scarcely less is he distinguished for his prose productions  — for the richness and originality of  thought and perspicuity of style which uniformly characterize them.  Mr. Whittier is esteemed, and justly, for his private virtues and moral excellence of character.  Favored indeed is that man, who, possessing the genius and attainments of Mr. W. can lay claim to a private life so unexceptionable and uncheckered as his.  We believe we speak the sentiments of our citizens generally, when we say that he is beloved and esteemed by all who have the pleasure of his acquaintance.   —- Haverhill Iris

                                                          (Liberator , December 10, 1831, pg 4)