James Forten, continued support of Liberator

The Liberator, September 17, 1841, pg 3, includes an item titled James Forten   — Among the colored citizens of the republic, there is not one who is held in higher estimation than that of venerable James Forten, of Philadelphia; not merely because by his industry, skill and prudence, he has risen to affluence, but mainly on account of his gentlemanly qualities, shining virtues, and intellectual and moral characteristics.  He suffered many hardships in the revolutionary war, and was captured by the British while endeavoring to save his country from a foreign yoke.   Ungrateful country!   — the article then refers to a letter from Forten, August 31, 1841, from Phildelphia, addressed to Garrison — “Esteemed Friend I am very happy to have the opportunity, which the visit of a young lady, a friend of my family, to Boston, presents, to forward the enclosed, my subscription to the Liberator  … I regret to say that my health has not improved since I saw you in the spring….”

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