John Brown’s Wife

John Brown’s Wife.  The Worcester Transcipt  says  —- ‘Mrs.  Brown passed through this city on the steamboat train, en route for Charlestown.  She is a large and noble-looking woman, and worthy of being John Brown’s wife.  She says that she has always prayed to God that her husband might fall in battle rather than by the hands of slaveholders; but that now she doe not regret his capture, for the sake of the noble words he has been permitted to utter.  She Says that she is the mother of thirteen children, of whom but four survive; but that she would willingly see the ruin of all her household, if it would only help the cause of freedom.  What a speech for a wife and mother, whose sons have been so lately assassinated, and whose husband is now lying under the sentence of death!’

(Liberator, Nov 11, 1859, pg3)