Jonathan Walker Criticized

August 29, 1845

Under Refuge of Oppression, there is an item from the Barnstable (Democratic!) Patriot
The item is vitriolic in criticism of Jonathan Walker, and Mr. Loring Moody, of Harwich, who has accompanied Walker on a speaking tour.  Of Walker:  “…the legal punishment by which he so glorifies himself in by the exhibition of his Slave Stealers brand – do not exalt him in our estimation — nor do we think they entitle him to the extravagant sympathy in some places lavished upon him.  He voluntarily transgressed the well known laws of the land in which he volunteered a residence.  He knew the penalty of such transgressions, — he, with his knowledge, helped – we will not say induced – half a dozen slaves to run away from their legal masters……For this attempt  to liberate, as he pretends  — to steal, as the constituted authorities adjudge  — these slaves, he was imprisoned and branded as he well knew the laws of that land provided he should be, if he was unsuccessful in his designs…..”

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