Journal of Commerce criticizes Liberator on Harper’s Ferry

Item appearing with characteristic “finger” pointing to it:    The New York Journal of Commerce, with its characteristic mendacity, says that the Liberator last week, preserved an ominous silence upon the Harper’s Ferry ‘rebellion’!   Now, the truth is, that we spoke of it as a wild though well-meant effort, adding – ‘Our views of war and bloodshed, even in the best of causes, are too well known to need repeating here: BUT LET NO ONE WHO GLORIES IN THE REVOLUTIONARY STRUGGLE OF 1776 DENY THE RIGHT OF THE SLAVES TO IMITATE THE EXAMPLE OF OUR FATHERS.’    It was all the comment we could find room to make, because of the pre-occupancy of our columns; but in the longest article upon the subject, what more could we say to define our position on the one hand, or to rebuke the hypocritical villany of the Journal of Commerce on the other?”

(Liberator, October 28, 1859, pg 2)