Letter from John Greenleaf Whittier

June 9, 1854

“Enclosed are $2 for The Liberator. At a time like this, I cannot lose sight of the pioneer paper….. We must do what has never yet been done, convert the North. .. … We must forget all past differences, and unite all our strength…..Our work now is not in Virginia or Carolina, nor even at Washington; it is here — in Massachusetts .  Get the people of the State right, and  there will be no more of these hateful Commissioner trials; but around every inhabitant will be thrown the protection of just laws….If I had any love for the Union remaining, the events of the last few weeks have ‘crushed it out’.  But I do not forget that the same power which is needed to break from the Union may make the Union the means of abolishing slavery.  At any rate, what we want now, is an abolitionized North… At least let us have union among ourselves.

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