Letter from Rev. Nathaniel Paul

This letter written to Garrison, from Paul, Bristol, England, April 10, 1833

Paul affirms that he finds in large crowds he addresses, that the sentiment toward Colonization is the same as Garrison’s….”Cresson is now somewhere, I believe, in this country; but the people have their eyes open, and I have met with but one gentleman that did not regret that they had ever countenanced his cause.  Extracts from your book are published in several of the most  respectable periodical publications.  It has done much good.”

In the same letter, Paul goes on to comment on the treatment of colored people in England:   “And now, to contrast the difference in the treatment that a colored man received in this country, with that which he received in America, my soul is filled with sorrow and indignation.  I could weep over the land of my nativity!  I would ask those hypocritical pretenders to humanity and religion, who are continually crying out , ‘What shall we do with our black and colored people?’  Why do you not do them justice?……”

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