Lincoln Funeral at Washington

   One of the most touching sights in the procession was a battalion of scarred and maimed veterans, with bandaged limbs and heads, with an arm of leg gone, but hobbling along on crutches, determined that their homage to their great chief should be as sincere as that of their companions. Then came the Colored Benevolent Associations, with their banners draped, and their walk and mien the very impersonation of sorrow. 

The procession was almost two hours in passing a given point, and the head of it had actually begun to disperse at the Capital before the rear of the column passed beyond the Treasury Department. 

On the arrival at the eastern gate of the Capitol, the remains were conveyed into the rotunda, where a catafalque like that in the Executive Mansion had been erected to receive them……….. 


The funeral train left Washington on Friday. At Baltimore and Harrisburg, and at the intervening places, the same tokens of respect to the distinquished dead were paid. 

                                                           (Liberator, May 5, 1865, pg 3)