Massachusetts Legislature report and an Appeal to the South

A long report from a Special Committee of the Legislature, responding to documents which had been sent to the Governor from several southern state Legislatures, complaining about abolitionists and maintaining the constitutional rights of slave holders.
The report of the committee maintains the rightness of these arguments, the report goes on to talk about the conduct of abolitionists to be “not only wrong in, policy, but erroneous in morals.”  The resolutions which the committee recommends to the
legislature contains warnings against agitation of the subject of slavery, the need to establish good relations between all the states, and urges the Governor to send copies of the report to all the named southern states.

There is also an “Appeal to the South”, signed by 13 men, none of whom they say is an
Abolitionist.  They recount instances in which colored citizens of Mass have been taken from board ships and jailed in various southern ports.  They also include a copy of the Georgia legislative bounty on Garrison.  The appeal is for these states to repeal these laws which violate the rights of citizens of the state of Mass.

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