Mob against Abolitionist at Faneuil Hall

November 22, 1850

From the Boston Times, a story of resistance to abolitionists, at Faneuil Hall.  The article recounts that the meeting was to be a reception for Thompson, that the abolitionists “had determined to give a fawning reception , and foolishly selected Faneuil Hall as the scene of their insult to American Freemen and the American Union.”  The story tells of the various abolitionists who spoke, including Quincy, Phillips, Pillsbury, Douglass, none of whom were allowed to proceed.  “It now became evident to all, that the meeting was decidedly broken up, and the leaders of the abolition fanatics began to fear for their own safety.  The lights were lowered, and Messrs. Thompson and Douglass escaped under cover of the darkness….  Captain Sam Adams, commander of the police force, mounted the platform …received with nine cheers…he said: Gentlemen – I am requested by the Marshall to inform you that this meeting is adjourned.!’… The Captain’s speech was the only one heard during the evening, and we have reported it in full.”

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