Modern Infidelity, Alias Come-Outism

January 8, 1847

Here is an article from the Pittsburgh Christian Advocate, signed, “W.W.M.”, in which the idea of “come-outism” is derided.  “This is expressive of a class persons, who come out from all organizations of Church and State, and are seeking their overthrow, either by physical or moral means. ….seeking their overthrow, and not their reform…. a brotherhood of disorganizers, who wear the cloak of anti-slavery….It is Infidelity that keeps the slave in bondage.   When Christianity is believed and practiced by a majority of the South, the slave will be free…. The Come-outer would dash in pieces the church, with all its institutions, leaving the poor slave at the mercy alone of the passions, and the revenge of his enemy, without the influences of the institutions of the Christian church……”

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