Mrs. Malinda Noll seeks help to free slaves

MRS. MALINDA NOLL  gratefully returns her thanks to the kind friend who have assisted her in efforts to purchase her sons, and takes this opportunity to announce that, after having bought her first-born, who is now free, she has succeeded, also, in procuring enough to liberate her second boy, who is yet in slavery in Missouri.  She has still a mother in bondage, whom she desires to liberate, but she will do so by the profits on anti-slavery books which she proposes to sell; as she does not desire to tax further the liberality which has already been shown to her, but to permit others, situated as she once was, to enjoy it.  Boston, Dec. 18, 186o.

AngloSaxon and Anti-Slavery Standard, please copy, and send bill to Mrs. Bell, New York

      (Liberator, Dec. 21, 1860, pg 3)