At a meeting of Delegates from Anti-Slavery Societies, and of other friends of emancipation, convened at the Adelphi Buildings, in the city of Philadelphia, on the 4th inst., for the purpose of forming a National Anti-Slavery Society  — after an address to the Throne of Grace  Beriah Green, of New York,  was appointed President, and Lewis Tappan, of New York , and John G. Whittier, of Massachusetts, Secretaries

Follow is a list of members of the Convention from Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio,, with locales from which each person comes.

Officers of the American Anti-Slavery Society:

Arthur Tappan,  President;  William Green, Treasurer;   Secretary of Domestic Correspondence, Elizur Wright;   Secretary of Foreign Correspondence, Wm. Lloyd  Garrison;   Recording Secretary, Abraham L. Cox

Then a  long list of Vice Presidents, and Managers, and a list of those who were to draft a Constitution.

                                          (Liberator, Dec 21, 1833, pg 3)