National Freedmen’s Association formed

At a meeting held in New York on Friday, at which the principal Freedmen’s Associations of the country, East and West, were represented by prominent gentlemen from Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore, Cincinnati and Chicago, a National Association was organized under the title of “The American Freedmen’s Aid Commission”.
Bishop Simpson was chosen President; Wm. Lloyd Garrison and John V. Farwell,Vice Presidents; Fred. Law Olmstead,General Secretary; Jacob R. Shiperd, Associate Secretary,and George C. Ward,Treasurer; which officers,with J. Miller McKim and J. M. Walden,Corresponding Secretaries of the Eastern and Western Departments,constitute a Board of Managers.
The Commission comprises a number of prominent and active friends of the Freedmen’s cause sufficiently large to represent this work of benevolence in every part of the country, and make it really national in its character.
Its object is to promote the elevation of the freedmen, and to cooperate to this end with the Freedmen’s Bureau.

(Liberator,September 1,1865,pg 2)