New Colored Military Company

New Colored Military Company  — We learn that the prospects of success of the contemplated colored military company of this city, are very flattering.  About eighty young gentlemen have enrolled themselves.  They propose to take the name of the ‘Massasoit Guards’.  At a meeting of the members, last evening, the following leading officers were selected:  Capt. John P. Coburn; Lieuts, Robert Morris, Alfred G. Howard, John B. Bailey, Nestor P. Freeman; Orderly Sergeant,  Benj. C Gregory.  An immediate application is to be made to the Commander-in-Chief, Gov. Gardner, that a grant of arms, (for which they are able to tender the amplest security.)  similar to that granted by the Executive of Rhode Island to a colored company] in Providence, may be extended to them.  The applicants are among the worthiest of our colored population. — The Boston Evening Telegraph.

(Liberator, Aug 17, 1855, pg 3)