A New Paper, in Kansas Territory

A New Paper  —- The Herald of Freedom, published in Wakarusa, Kansas  Territory, and edited by …..G. W. Brown, a Pennsylvanian, formerly of the Conneautville  Weekly Courier, is received.  It is on good paper, in clear type, and has taken for its motto the words, ‘Be just: Let all the ends thou aim’st at be thy Country’s, God’s, and Truth’s.’

This passing notice we should deem sufficient, but for the interest that has been awakened in behalf of this Territory and its sister Nebraska, deemed so ignominiously to the curse of slavery by traitors to freedom.  This smart and handsome sheet comes to us laden with the promises of a bright future, — Ex. Paper.

                                                                                         (Liberator, Oct 27, 1854, pg 4)