New Volume of the Liberator

The New Year To-day we commence a New Year and a New Volume – the twenty-eighth of the series. … Would that we could now announce the completion of our labors, by the triumphant attainment of the glorious object for which we have been so long striving — the emancipation of all who are pining in bondage on our soil. If there are the frightful number of two millions of slaves more than existed when we commenced The Liberator, and four millions in all, we have the rich consolation to know that it is not because we have lowered the standard of justice, or paltered with principle, or failed to rebuke the wickedness of the nation in the plainest manner. A mighty work, however, has been done, and is still going on, and the decisive issue is rapidly making-up between Freedom and Slavery. The Slave Power is apparently stronger than ever, but in reality, it is unquestionably near its doom. Its fall will be sudden and irrevocable. – Onward to Victory !

(Liberator, January 1, 1858, pg 2)