……    As this paper is not, and never has been, the organ of any Society, it has consequently had to depend upon its subscribers and the good will of its friends to keep it afloat amid the storm of the anti-slavery conflict.  We make no promises for the future, but shall strive, as hitherto, to make the Liberator  ‘a terror to evil-doers, and a praise to them that do well’   — refreshing to the spirit of its readers, salutary in its influence, and conspicuous for its freedom  and independence.

Today is the commencement of the New Year.  We proffer our cordial greetings and best wishes to our numerous friends on both sides of the Atlantic, gratefully acknowledging our deep indebtedness to them for their faithful co-operation with us in the sacred cause of liberty and humanity, and renewing to them our pledge of unswerving fidelity to that cause ….Probably this will be the most eventful year in the history of this country during the last half century.

                                                            (Liberator, Jan 1, 1847, pg 2)