Non-Resistance and the Fugitive Slave Law

January 10, 1851

Micajah T. Johnson, from Short Creek, O, calls upon non-resisters not to give in to the temptation to join those who urge violence in response to the fugitive slave law. …..”Our excellent friends Foster and Douglass seem to be almost ready to give their sanction to violence in cases of extreme peril, forgetting that these are the temptations to which reformers are always subject, and are peculiarly  calculated to try their nerves. One who can resist every temptation, under all circumstances, will advance the cause of humanity more than a thousand temporizers…..Suppose it were possible to free the slaves at the present time by violence, (which to me is very doubtful), their condition would not be much better, while millions would undergo all the trials, hardships, without a corresponding increase of intelligence, that men would oppress each other upon all occasions…..this war spirit crucified Jesus, stoned the apostles, and burned the martyrs. In fact, it has done most of the mischief that ever was done….”

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