The North and Slavery

The North has Nothing to do with Slavery

Men born to grovel  — naturally disposed to hug the fetters which have been thrown around them by the arrogance of the South, make use of the above expression, first to cheat themselves into the belief that they are free, and second as an excuse for their cowardly submission.  It is a lie, and those who make use of it, are liars.  The North has as much to do with Slavery (not slaves) as the South.  The North does as much to support it, protect it, and extend it, as the South.  Massachusetts has as much to do with Slavery in the District of Columbia, and all the States admitted into the Union since the adoption of the Constitution, as South Carolina.  No important act of the general Government is independent of the influence of Slavery, acting directly upon it.  Our dunces will not, or cannot see it.  They begin to see, however, that Slavery has something to do with the North, as it touches the tariff.

                                                         (Liberator, July 31, 1846, pg 2)