Northern Apologist for Slavery

January 7, 1842

Under Refuge for Oppression, with a title, A Northern Apologist for Slavery!. “A recreant New Englander is writing a series of letters for the Puritan in this city, from Byran County, Georgia, in extenuation of the infernal system of slavery. Hear this puritanical knave!”  (No city is named, and the following is signed only “N.H. A. M.” The writer begins with an assertion that, on the subject of domestic slavery, the North and South are in disagreement, and that “each has its errors”.  The argument presented seems to say, first, that slavery does not always mean that slaves are sunk to some very low social level. The writer then admits that slavery “is not the natural relation in which the different members of society ought to stand to each other.”. But still, the system exists; the question is how is it to be done away.  There is then a strong denial of  immediate abolition, and the article commends “an increased interest which is felt at the South in the religious improvement of the colored population.”

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