Our Twenty-Fourth Volume

January 6, 1854

“What disclosure have been made as to the heart of this nation toward the oppressed, as to the position of the Government in regard to their enslavement, and as to the spirit of religion of the land, universally !  How many have gone backward, become alienated, or shamefully apostatized, among the professional friends of the slave!  And what multitudes of sterling men and women have been added to our ranks since the tocsin of alarm was first sounded!…..O, the work that remains to be done!  O, the darkness that still broods over the land, yet to be dissipated!..But the signs of the time are undeniably cheering. The South is perceptibly faltering, and we have only to persevere in the same uncompromising spirit that has hitherto characterized our efforts, and the jubilee will assuredly come.
‘Fly swiftly round, ye wheels of time,
And bring the welcome day!’

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