Pamphlet by Jonathan Walker

Jonathan Walker

We have before us a pamphlet of 36 pp. from the branded hand of Jonathan Walker.  It is entitled ‘A Brief View of American Chattelized Humanity’; and a strong mass of arguments on the subject of American slavery, which make it a valuable tract for general distribution.  Captain Walker knows whereof he affirms, and his witness is true, as every slaveholder knows.  ……  His frequents visits to the Southern States, and is cruel treatment at the hands of the slaveholders, make him one of the most unquestionable witnesses that can be found in the Great Impeachment of Slavery which is now under trial at the bar of God, in the presence of the nations of earth.

We learn that Captain Walker contemplates making an anti-slavery tour in the State of Maine for the purpose of addressing the people, disposing of books, and procuring subscribers to the Liberator and Standard. We heartily wish him all success and prosperity; and most cordially commend him to the hospitality and good offices of all who hate slavery, and who honor courageous humanity, sterling integrity, and thorough excellence of character .   –

(Liberator, July 24, 1846, pg 3)