THE “PECULIAR INSTITUTION” ILLUSTRATED       We have a photographic likeness of a Louisiana slave’s back, taken five or six months after a terrible scourging, and exhibiting from the shoulders to the waist great welts and furrows raised or gouged by the lash, running crosswise and lengthwise  — the victim himself resenting a noble countenance and fine physique.  “This  card photograph”, says the New York Independent, “should be multiplied  by one hundred thousand and scattered over the States.  It tells the story in a way that even Mrs. Stowe cannot approach, because it tells the story to the eye.”   Price 15 cents.  Sent by mail , by enclosing postage stamp. Seven copies foe one dollar, or $1.50 per dozen.    Address Editor of the Liberator, Boston, Mass.

             (Liberator, June 12, 1863, pg 3)