Protection of Colored Seamen

Protection of Colored Seamen   — The Governor and Council of Massachusetts have appointed Messrs. John A. Maybin, of New Orleans, and B.F. Hunt, of Charleston, agents for this Commonwealth under a resolve of last winter, to represent the rights of colored citizens of Massachusetts who may be restrained in these ports when arriving there as seamen, with power to test the question before the U.S. Supreme Court.  A great injustice is done to merchants and ship-owners, by imprisoning and detaining colored seamen, until the vessel sails.  The resolve was the result of a petition from the most respectable ship-owners of Boston, and has no  relation to the question abolition.  The agents selected are said to be gentlemen of elevated  philanthropic character.

                                             (Liberator, Nov. 17, 1843, pg 4)