Psychometrical Examination of Garrison

The record of the examination by Andrew Jackson Davis, includes a long article.  Summing up the “effects of his (Garrison’s) character on the world”,  here are some excerpted phrases.  “Mr. Garrison is sure to be cordially loved and appreciated by his friends, and thoroughly hated and misunderstood by his enemies . The superficial public will hate him, because he so peremptorily ignores their prudentialisms.  To the politician, he is a rebel, because he will not sell his soul to gain the world.  To the business or mercantile man, he is a fanatic, because he is strictly unworldly   … To the slaveholder he is a troublesome disunionist …. To the devotee of creeds, he is a blasphemer, because he cannot be a conservative, except in what he sees and feels to be the Right , irrespective of forms, or external authority or precedent….. “(Liberator, September 2, 1853)

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