Public meeting of Vigilance Committee

Between four and five hundred people were present at a public meeting of the Vigilance Committee, held at Tremont Chapel, including many of the pro-slavery merchants of the city.  The kidnapping case and the general principles on which the committee was established were explained by the Secretary.   Addresses by Rev. Messrs. Culver, Cummings, and Snowden were recorded, with great applause.  A collection was taken up, amounting to nearly $18 to aid its funds.  John Torrence, this kidnapped man, has been returned to his tyrant,in Newborn, North Carolina.  Another case of kidnapping occurred in this city, the very day our committee was organized.  .. Surely the measure of our disgrace is full.  Has Boston, has Massachusetts sunk so low, that there is no redemption for her?  Shall slavery exult over our base surrender of our rights and our laws?  Signed by Charles T. Torrey, Secretary.

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