Purpose of Refuge of Oppression column

The January 2, 1835 Liberator, includes an item, the purpose of which is to explain to readers the addition of the Refuge of Oppression column, recently added to the paper.   “Our intelligent correspondent ‘O’ does not seem to understand the design of this department in our paper. … it is to show how ridiculous, false and malignant are the doctrines of our opponents, and their representations of anti-slavery men and measures.  Into this department we have put, and shall continue to put the choicest specimens of pro-slavery and colonization benevolence and good-will, generally without note or comment; for we can neither stoop nor tarry to waste our strength in contending with all …. the department has already opened the eyes of many to see how cruelly abolitionists are calumiated by their enemies, and it proves that we are ready to let both sides of the controversy be seen in our columns.”

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