Purpose of “The Liberator.”

“It is not three years since I lifted up the banner of emancipation in this city, for the rescue of perishing millions,  whose hire is kept back by fraud, whose servitude is that of brutes, whose wrongs disquiet the earth, and are as the sands upon the seashore innumerable, and whose cries have entered into the ears of the Lord Sabaoth……………It is an appalling fact that since I first had the privilege of telling, in the columns of the Liberator the piteous tale of the suffering and the dumb, not less than TWO HUNDRED THOUSAND NEW VICTIMS OF SLAVERY (in addition to a stock of two millions) have been born in our Southern states, and seized by human flesh mongers as their lawful prey!………………..What is able to overthrow the present system of slavery?  An enlightened, consolidated, and wisely directed  PUBLIC OPINION.  How shall this be secured?  By disseminating light, by preaching the truth.  For this purpose we established the Liberator.”

Announcing a new “Department”, called Refuge of Oppression, into which we intend to copy some of the choicest specimens of abolitionist morality, decency,  and humanity, generally without  note or comment.

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