Quotes on Immediate Abolition, from George Bourne

It was common even in the first year of the Liberator, for Garrison to put on the front page, top upper left,  quotes from well-known people, in support of his immediatist position on Abolition.  The April 23, 1831 edition carried these words from George Bourne, an early “immediatist”, and mentor to Garrison.   “Is not the plea, that emancipation is impracticable the most impudent hypocrisy and the moss glaring absurdity ever propounded for contemplation?  Can any supposititious expediency, any dread of political discord, or any private advantage justify the prolongation or corruption, the enormity of which is unequaled, or repel the holy claim to its extinction?  The system is so entirely corrupt that it admits of no cure but a TOTAL AND IMMEDIATE abolition.  For a gradual emancipation is a virtual recognition of the right, and establishes the rectitude of the practice.  If it bed just for one moment, it is hallowed for ever; and if it be inequitable, not one day  should be tolerated.”

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