Rescue, in Boston harbor, of 2 women, slaves

From the Boston Daily Times, the article in the Liberator is titled RESCUE OF SLAVES.  The story of two unnamed women, discovered on board the brig Chicksaw, by Turner, agent for their master.   Brought before Judge Shaw, the story includes legal arguments. At one point the Judge says “the prisoners must be discharged from all further detention”.  Turner says he will make a fresh arrest, and asks if he must obtain another warrant.  “At the same moment a constable was sent to lock the door which led down stairs. This created instantly a tremendous excitement among the colored people, with whom the court was thronged.  Under the impression that the words of the Judge amounted to a discharge of the prisoners, and supposing that the claimant was about to make a fresh seizure on the spot, which might be intercepted, a general rush was made, prisoners and crowd together, down the stairs of the court house, at the door of which the prisoners entered a carriage and were driven off, before any one could prevent it ….”  (Liberator, August 6, 1836, pg 3)  — On the same page, Garrison follows with a sarcastic comment about Turner…”Turner, the agent of the pretended owner of the two ‘fugitives’, boasts that he is a warm friend of the Colonization Society, and wishes that the blacks were free and colonized.  Nobody, of course, will presume to doubt his sincerity, now that he has come all the way from Baltimore to carry back two poor women,who had succeeded in colonizing themselves far enough off, one would think, to have satisfied any reasonable man … Garrison also refers to Sheriff Huggeford, as one who is engaged in hunting up ‘fugitives’. …  he is also a Colonizationist..

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