Response to Uncle Tom’s Cabin

June 11, 1852

Under the Refuge of Oppression column, there is an account of the circulation of the book.  Abolitionists everywhere “are exulting in the sale of this pernicious work.”..  “It therefore behooves the friends of the Union, and we class among the friends of the Union all who love our country and its glorious institutions, and hate the despotism of the old world, to be up and doing in making every effort to counteract the evil, and one way to do this we will presently show. …..In order to meet the fallacies of this abolition tale, it would be well if the friends of the Union would array fiction against fiction.  Meet the disunionists with their own chosen weapon, and they are foiled….the people love light attractive reading, and it is in disseminating works of this kind  that the fancy is pleased and the mind influenced.”

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