Revision of Nell’s book,Colored Patriots

We understand that Mr. William Cooper Nell is preparing for press a second edition (revised and enlarged) of his valuable historical work, entitled “Colored American Patriots”, in which their services in the present struggle to put down the Slaveholders’ Rebellion will be duly chronicled. In the Revolutionary War of 1776, and the War of 1812-15, none exhibited more heroism and devotion to the cause of their country than themselves. They are still ready and desirous to serve that cause in every possible way, and to seal it with their blood, if necessary. What they have already done, and what they are capable of achieving, if properly encouraged, may be ascertained by a perusal of Mr. Nell’s book. The proposed additions will add much to its interest as well as value. It deserves a place in every library, and in every family.

                                                                   (Liberator, January 16, 1863, pg 2)