This is the last number of the Liberator that we shall issue before the annual meeting.  What an occasion it will afford for heart-cheering expressions of joy at the amazing progress of the anti-slavery cause during the past year, and at the visible weakness and terror of the once imperious despots of the South, and for devising means to give a still more mighty impetus to the car of emancipation!  Friends and coadjutors!  let us have a gathering worthy of the times and of the occasion  — strong, multitudinous, overwhelming!   Remember it is in the OLD CRADLE OF LIBERTY we are to assemble, and let us rock it as it has never been rocked before .  We are actors in a greater and more glorious revolution than that in which our fathers participated seventy years ago, and the separation called for is more imperatively required than that in 1776.

                                      (Liberator, Jan 19, 1849, pg 2)