Slave Sale in Virginia

The Petersburg, (Va.) Express, lately told us how happy slaves’ children were provided for by their kind masters, and the parents thus relieved from all the cares and responsibilities which beset poor parents in the free States. ‘Marion’ the Richmond (Va.) correspondent of the same Express, writing under the date of August 7th, 1860, says:

‘At a sale of slaves to-day at Dickinson Hill’s auction, the following extraordinary prices were realized:

A bright girl, aged eleven years, $l, 555

A black girl, aged nine years, 970

Three brothers, the first aged 21 years 1,395

The second aged nineteen , 1,375

The third aged, seventeen, 1, 380

The slaves were all purchased by Mr. John B. Davis, a trader.

                                (Liberator, September 7, 1860, pg 3)