Slave Set Free, in Boston

Supreme J. Court, Boston – Friday  — Slave set free.  On Friday, in the Supreme Court on habeas corpus, a boy answering either to the name of ‘John’ or ‘George’ was set at liberty by Chief Justice Shaw.  The history of his liberation is briefly this:  He was put by his owner on board the brig Carib, Capt. Porterfield, master, at New Orleans bound for Trinidad de Cuba.  Capt. P. was not allowed to land him by the authorities of that port, and having freight for Boston, he came here with his brig with the boy on board. – The boy was therefore not a fugitive slave, being brought here by the voluntary act of his master’s agent.  The fact that he was on board became known to some members of the abolition party on Tuesday and they got out a writ of habeas corpus, under the direction of J.P. Bishop, Esq.  The boy has a mother and father in New Orleans, but he preferred to remain here free from the bonds of slavery, to returning to his owner.   Post.

                                                                (Liberator,  July 26, 1844, pg 4)