Slavery in California

June 22, 1849

“It is frequently asserted by those who oppose the Wilmot proviso, that slavery cannot exist in California, unless established by law, and that a positive prohibition is unnecessary. That is asserted in the face of the fact that slaves have already been taken to that territory, by Southern men who are writing for more ..”  Then it cites a letter written by L. W. Boggs, former Governor of Missouri, to a friend in Missouri, which includes the following sentence: –‘In connexion, let me say, IF YOUR SONS WILL BRING OUT TWO OR THREE NEGROES, who can work and attend at a hotel, YOUR BROTHER WILL PAY CASH FOR THEM  at a good profit, and take it as a great favor’……What better commentary can we have upon the weakness of the position of those who insist that no legislation is necessary to keep slavery out of California? …”

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