Still, Remond, Hayden, Nell, Smith, in Boston UGR Meetings

Meetings in Boston   On Wednesday evening, Aug. 3d, William Still, from the Anti-Slavery Office, Philadelphia, interested a crowded audience at the Twelfth Baptist Church with a lecture on the History and some operations connected with the Underground Railroad, of which his long experience as a conductor thereon afforded him numerous thrilling ad romantic cases.

On Wednesday evening of the succeeding week, in the same place, J.W. Loguen, of Syracuse, an active conductor on another branch of the road, narrated with powerful effect some chapters of his experience, both as an American bondman and in his efforts in helping others to secure the boon of freedom for themselves.

On Monday evening, 15th inst., a public meeting was held to ratify the proceedings of the recent Convention. A report was submitted by Wm. Wells Brown, in approval of said doings was read. A vote of thanks to the ladies of Boston and vicinity for their successful arrangements in promoting the objects of the Convention, their hospitality to strangers, &c., was unanimously adopted. Remarks were made by Charles Lenox Remond, Lewis Hayden, Wm. C. Nell, John J. Smith, Edward B. Lawton, and several others. W.C. N.

(Liberator, August 26, 1895, pg 3)