Strong English position against Colonization, from James Cropper.

LETTERS FROM ENGLAND   The following letter from James Cropper of Liverpool, whose reputation as a merchant and philanthropist is known wherever civilization extends, cannot fail to make a deep and salutary impression in this country, especially upon the minds of the Friends, of whose Society he is a distinguished and influential member.  It will be seen that he regards the American Colonization Society as a most unrighteous combination, and gives utterance to his moral displeasure in strong and emphatic terms.  We are now encouraged to believe that the deceitful career of Elliott Cresson is near its termination.  We hope to see these highly important letters published in other papers.  This is ‘A Voice from England,” that should be heard in every corner of our nation.

                                                             (Liberator,  Dec . 15,  1832, pg 1)