Sumner Caning

June 6, 1856

Two articles from the Charleston Mercury, describe public meetings held in Bamberg and in Bishopville, in response to the caning. Here is some of what they record. At Bamberg, the resolutions passed include one which says, “That this meeting approves of the conduct of Hon. P. S. Brooks in the premises, and that we highly approve of the chastisement administered to Senator Sumner.” In much the same language, the Bishopville meeting recounts that Southern men have for a quarter of a century disdained “to retort the vulgar slang and revolting blackguardism of the Abolitionists”, and they approve this caning. “… as a testimonial of our high appreciation and most cordial approval of the gallant conduct of Col. Brooks, a gold-headed cane be presented to him by this meeting, and that a committee be appointed to procure the same and forward it to the Colonel forthwith.”

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