Sumner Indignation Meeting, Faneuil Hall

“The citizens of Boston and vicinity, without distinction of party, are invited to meet in Faneuil Hall, this (Saturday) evening, at 8 o’clock,to consider the outrage which has been committed at Washington upon the person of Hon.Charles Sumner, Senator in Congress from the State of Massachusetts. Eminent speakers will address the meeting.”    —-
In obedience to this call, the old “Cradle of Liberty”, was filled to overflowing long before 8 o’clock; and by one of the most enthusiastic and marked gatherings ever held within its famous, and time, and cause-honored walls. In the galery were many ladies. On entering the hall, Governor Gardner and other distinquished gentelmen, public and private, were honored with hearty applause.—-  )

(Liberator, May 30, 1856, pg 2)