Supporting Sumner: Robert Morris, Coffin Pitts, John Rock, Leonard Grimes

Meeting of Colored Citizens of Boston Our colored citizens have just held a meeting in Rev.  Mr.Grimes’ church, Southac street, for the purpose of making a public expression of their indignation at the assault on Chas. Sumner. Deacon Coffin Pitts presided, assisted by several Vice-Presidents and Secretaries.   Speeches were made by Robert Morris, Esq., Rev. Mr. Grimes, Mr. Robert Johnson, Rev. Mr. Hall, Dr. J.S. Rock, and others; and a series of resolutions offered by Dr. Rock, were passed, one of which was as follows: Resolved, That, we the colored citizens of Boston, regard the recent ‘brutal, cowardly and murderous assault ‘ in the Senate chamber of the nation, upon our distinguished Senator, Charles Sumner — eminent alike for his eloquence, scholarship and philanthropy, not less than for his Christian statesmanship — with feelings of abhorrence and indignation.           (Liberator, June 27, 1856, pg 3)